Premium elastic fabrics and narrows


Made in Belgium, since 1887

Since 1887, Liebaert has poured all its energy in achieving the highest standards. All these years of accumulated knowledge, tradition and craftsmanship have been perpetuated in the creation of our Liebaert Boutique, devoted to the creation of unique fabrics and narrows for high-end customers in all four corners of the world.

Of course, growing into a market leader in terms of elastic fabrics and narrows doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten where we’ve started. Today, Liebaert remains a family-run business with a strong commitment towards our employees and the environment. We aim to share our knowledge through our Training Academy, as a means to give back to the textile industry that’s made all of this possible.


With over a century of experience in the manufacture of the finest fabrics to ever touch the skin, we are a preferred partner for the lingerie industry.


In need of high-quality stretch that can offer the optimal compression? From yoga leggings to heat-retaining running gear,  our solutions are aplenty.


In a context that leaves no room for mistakes, we meticulously apply our expertise to create reliable materials used in the medical sector.


Sometimes, simple solutions just won’t do. When working with companies that are active in the automotive or the aeronautical industry, only the highest of standards apply.


Taking textile design into the 21st century, we’ve developed ways to integrate different types of conductive yarns into our elastic fabrics and narrows.


If you’re thinking ‘it can’t be done’, we’d love to hear from you. No matter how complex the question, our team of experts aim to realise the impossible.

Jacquard Fabrics 

Weftlock Fabrics

Narrow Elastics

In our aim for premium quality and tailor-made solutions, we’ve evolved into a one-stop-shop for fabric engineering and garment design. All our services are integrated, meaning we are in control of the full production process — and so are you.


Setting the bar high also entails working by the highest standards in terms of both environmental care and quality control. We meet the REACH and OEKO TEX standards and are ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 certified.


But besides industry regulations, our focus is on providing you with a highly personalised service. ‘Custom made’ is not a hollow phrase to us: it means anything is possible.

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