About Liebaert


EST. 1887


For over a century, the Liebaert family has built up a valuable treasure of savoir-faire by investing both in highly skilled team members and state of the art technology. This vision, which puts creativity at the forefront in the manufacture of premium quality textiles, has earned Liebaert a high-ranking spot at the very top of the European fashion industry. Quality has always been the very first concern for Liebaert.

Today, the company is renown throughout our  industry for its ability to develop and manufacture unique products. Furthermore, our dyeing and printing techniques are widely prized, as is our commitment to produce environmentally friendly fabrics, which has been lauded with an ISO14001 and ISO 50001 certificate. Our flexible production philosophy, with integrated dyeing and printing, makes us a real ‘one stop shop’ in the heart of Europe.

1887: Marcel Liebaert founds
Liebaert Textiles in Deinze.
At first, the Liebaert Company specialises in the production
of elastic ribbons and suspenders.
1914: Henri Liebaert, the 18 year old son of Marcel,
volunteers during World War and joins the war effort
for 4 years at the front at Ypres.
Henri and Robert Liebaert, the founder's two sons,
rebuild the factory after it was destroyed by artillery
fire during WOI.
1926: Liebaert decides to expand the business and build
a second factory which specialises in elastic ribbons
for women's corsetry.
1960: the third generation , André and Jean Liebaert,
join the company.
1962: Production of a third factory specialised in the
production of elastic Rachel knits.
1965: Liebaert is one of the first European companies
to work with Lycra fibre.
1980: the concepts "stylist" and "trends"
are introduced within the company.
1987: Liebaert celebrates its 100 years anniversary 1989: the fourth generation makes its move.
Alain Liebaert joins the company.
1999: the family character is once again
confirmed. Pierre Liebaert (also fourth generation)
joins the ranks.
2008: the beginning of the digital print era. 2011: Creation of our famous Nanostitch fabrics.
The finest warp knits in the world
2011: Elected designer of the year by Eurovet 2012: blowing out 125 candles. 2013: new department rotational printing. 2016: The Liebaert team is joined by the fifth generation, Alain Liebaert's son Mathieu. 2017: Investment in a brand new garment making lab. 2018: Liebaert expands its production surface
with a new building.

<Proud of of our 130 years history>



5 generations

To say the love for textile runs in the family is clearly an understatement.


175 machines

That’s the total amount of
machines we have in our knitting
and weaving department.



10% of our turnover is reinvested every year into new machinery and technology



Innovation is key, which is why our lab develops over 300 new products every year.