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The Nanostitch® Cuprana fabric contains special Cupron® yarns and EMANA® far-infrared-yarns. It has been found to improve the skin firmness and smoothness while at the same time providing antimicrobial and anti-infection benefits with wound healing and skin enhancement benefits. The Nanostitch® Cuprana fabric combines the best of both worlds and can be used for both beauty and medical applications. Its properties remain after unlimited washes. Visit the website


Produced on the finest warp-knitting machines in the world these tightly knitted fabrics provide great breathability and a very effective filtration efficiency.  The fabrics are  “COVID-19 Approved by Centexbel” and can be used in a one-layer construction for community masks.
More information here: Covid-19 approved fabrics


Our ECO fabrics are made out of RECONYLON, a Nylon yarn that is produced out of 100% pre-consumer waste and meets all our requirements in terms of sustainability and quality standards. The RECONYLON yarn is GRS approved and generates only 53% of the CO2 emissions of a standard nylon 6 production. Our ECO fabrics can be found in all of our collections and across all our product groups.


A broad range of machinery makes it possible for us to create very intricate patterns of many different kinds of fabric. Let your creativity run wild: we’ve got solutions for even the most delicate of designs.


This highly breathable 3D fabric joins two separate fabrics with microfilament yarn. The result is a cushioned fabric used to form bra cups, yet its versatility allows it to be used for car seat cushions, backpacks and even tennis shoes.


These fabrics are the crown jewel of over a century of Liebaert knowledge and tradition. Made on the finest warp knit machines in the world these fabrics provide an unparalleled comfort and softness. Our NanoStitch Fabrics are perfectly customisable to fit the purpose of your garment, from silken lingerie to high compression leggings. Visit website


Call on Liebaert to provide you with the softest of tulle fabrics, mostly used in delicate lingerie. We’ll even up the ante by knitting 40 gauge tulle and give you the possibility to create bespoke jacquard designs—a unique feature.


Our machine park consists of a wide array of circular knitting machines, covering everything from gauges 28 to 60. Needless to say, the possibilities in fabric manufacturing become close to unlimited.


If extreme compression is what you need, our weftlock fabric is the answer. This one-of-a-kind fabric knits Lycra in both weft and warp directions creating a very strong but comfortable fabric.


In lingerie, design leads the way toward innovation. For light and soft cup material, spacer fabric is ideal. By adding the possibility of jacquard weaving, a whole universe of possible patterns and shapes emerges.


Our years of expertise and innovation have made it possible to develop a new and interesting feature on our Raschel fabrics: fabrics without hems allow for a free cut and save hours in sewing time.


Tricot knits have been at the core of Liebaert’s business for over a century. Our engine compound comprises of a large number of knitting machines, ranging from 32 to 50 gauge, making us versatile and flexible.


Our narrows are either knitted or woven, allowing for endless possibilities in the design department. Many such narrows are used in lingerie, while we also produce ribbon with 100% metal yarn acting as a conducive fabric