“Knowledge is power”


People often forget how complex it is to make a piece of clothing, let alone a meter of fabric. There are countless production steps that have been taken before you can even buy your favourite T-shirt, bra or legging. At Liebaert it all starts with the raw materials such as Elastane, Nylon and Polyester. These raw materials are then knitted and woven into fabrics and narrows in our knitting and weaving department which is the heart of Liebaert’s technology and know how.

Every year we make around 300 new fabrics and many of the machines we have in production were designed specifically for our company. Our integrated dye house and fully automated color kitchen allows us to develop over 5000 colors every year. Together with our own printing and garment making factory this makes us a real one stop shop in the heart of Europe. With a permanent monitoring of every step of the production we are able to guarantee a ‘best in class’ quality that is consistent and lasting.