Custom-made solutions


At Liebaert, we believe the highest peaks are reached through collaboration. In order to meet your demands, we therefore invite you to talk us through your ideas. No matter how complex your needs, we’ll apply all our know-how to find solutions suited to your story.

The Liebaert Boutique aims to make every tailor-made development possible. Our team of designers is at your service, as is an extensive workshop encompassing just about every technique in the industry book. Never before has ‘bespoke’ been synonymous to such versatility

  • Digital printing
  • Traditional printing with up to six colours
  • Our fully automatic integrated dye-house
  • Garment making and custom print design
  • Circular knitting including 3D Spacer fabrics
  • Tricot warp knitting including weftlock and our famous Nanostitch fabrics
  • Raschel warp knitting
  • Narrow weaving and knitting