A new generation of Jacquard fabrics powered by Lycra®

One of the highlights of our new collection are our fine gauge  jacquards powered by the Lycra® Sport and the Lycra® Beauty technology . The fabrics offer a combination of different base structures and patterns in a variety of yarn types: dull or glossy, sheer or opaque, in tone-on-tone or contrasting colour versions.

The new jacquard collection has been split up in three families, each containing different fabrics. Depending on the structure used, these fabrics can be used for intimates, swimwear and/or sportswear.  The “Ethnic Embroidery” brings subtle ethnical multicolour jacquard patterns with an embroidered look, adding a 3D visual effect through the use of different yarns.

“Ethnic Embroidery”


While the “Full Square” fabrics use an exclusive style of contemporary geometric surfaces with a combination of mat and shiny yarns to give an unprecedented “depth” to the design. The look plays with light reflection and offers an impression of a modern urban layout.

The “Stripe Sporty-Chic” works with a combination of lines and see-throughs offering both lightness and strength. The placement of waves creates a “ripple” effect of dull and shiny combinations, an unusual mix.

All fabrics have undergone testing at the Invista® lab and are Lycra® Sport and/or Lycra® beauty certified. While the new Lycra® Sport method concentrates on three characteristics of the fabric “Power, Comfort and Energy” to ensure that garments provide the comfort and performance expected. The LYCRA® BEAUTY technology concentrates on fabrics able to combine sculpting performance with totally unprecedented levels of comfort. Both technologies were developed to make it easier to select the best fabric for each garment, according to specific requirements.