Liebaert expands its medical range with Covid-19 approved fabrics

The last few months we have been massively investing in our medical range in order to develop fabrics that can be used in the battle against COVID-19 and sort-like viruses.

Face-masks have become the new normal and will continue to grow in importance as countries all over the world are gradually picking up their normal way of life. Although the market has been flooded with all types of “community” masks, we believe that certain standards should be met in order to guarantee a minimum level of protection and comfort. Furthermore, we should think about the impact the extra consumption of disposable masks has on our environment.

Over the last 3 months Liebaert has developed and tested a wide range of fabrics that can be used for the outside and inside of washable face-masks. These fabrics are characterized by a high level of comfort and have been “COVID-19 Approved”by the textile Laboratory Centexbel. They can be used in a one layer or multi-layer construction.

*The “COVID-19 Approved” fabrics have a filtration of more than 70% according to EN16890-2:2016 and a permeability rate of more than 100l/m2/s according to  ISO9237:2019. When used in combination with other fabrics they can easily achieve a filtration efficiency above 95%. For more information on the Centexbel testing method click here.

Nanostitch® C40

Produced on the finest warp-knitting machines in the world this tightly knitted fabric provides great breathability and a very effective filtration efficiency. The 195 gsm fabric is made out of Lycra® and Nylon. It’s  “COVID-19 Approved by Centexbel” and can be used in a one-layer construction for community masks. We currently use this fabric as the outer-layer for our multi-layer face-mask and achieve a filtration efficiency of more than 95% according to EN16890-2:2016. Fabric is currently available in stock in a multitude of colors.

Check out the certification here.

Nanostitch® C40 TX WR

This fabric has the same construction as the Nanostitch® C40, but uses a special yarn and a water repellent finish in order to reduce the absorption of wet particles and increase the filtration even more. The fabric is “COVID-19 Approved by Centexbel” and can be used in a one-layer construction for community masks. The fabric was also tested in a multi-layer combination and achieved a filtration efficiency of more than 95% according to EN16890-2:2016 in combination with a very high breathability. Limited stock available in black.

Check out the certification here.

Nanostitch® Cuprana

The perfect fabric to use as an inner-layer: Super soft, moisture wicking, skin enhancing and anti-bacterial.

The Nanostitch®Cuprana fabric contains special Cupron® yarns and EMANA® far-infrared-yarns. The Bio-active minerals contained in the Emana® fibres improve the skin firmness and smoothness while the Copper infused Cupron® yarn combines antimicrobial and anti-infection benefits with wound healing and skin enhancement benefits. According to studies copper has been found to be very effective against SARS-COV-2 type viruses.

The Nanostitch® Cuprana fabric combines the best of both worlds and can be used for both beauty and medical applications. Its properties remain after unlimited washes. Currently available in Black and Skin colour.

For more information click here.

Next to our fabrics we also have a wide variety of narrow elastics in different widths, colors and compositions that can be used for face-masks. We are also developing new fabrics with special features for the face-masks of tomorrow. So stay tuned!

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