Liebaert introduces their Eco-Fabrics range

The future is green and growing fast. Demand for sustainable solutions at a global scale is growing rapidly. At Liebaert we believe our commitment should go beyond the boundaries of our own enterprise. That’s why we created our ECO fabrics made out of 100% recycled PA yarns.

Liebaert launched this eco-initiative not only because of the growing demand, but because we believe that our precious planet needs to be preserved and protected and that everyone has the responsibility to contribute. Only by combining our efforts will we be able to change the destructive course we are currently heading into. Together with our suppliers we are constantly looking for ways to decrease our impact on the environment. It is out of this mindset that our ECO fabrics were born.

The ECO fabrics are made out of Reco-Nylon®, a nylon yarn that  that is produced out of 100% pre-consumer waste. Discarded nylon material is diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process, and re-converted into the Reco-Nylon® yarn, thus closing the nylon life cycle. The yarn meets all our requirements in terms of sustainability and quality standards. It is GRS approved, generates only 53% of the CO2 emissions of a standard nylon 6 production and is produced in a facility which uses only renewable energy. By combining this yarn with our unique expertise we are able to develop high quality and eco-friendly fabrics for different applications. Our ECO fabrics can be found in all of our collections and across all our product groups.

Our sustainable business development doesn’t stop there of course. Each year we invest over a million euro in cutting-edge technologies in order to decrease our ecologic footprint even more. All of the water and air that is used in our production process is purified by our own water – and air purification installation. Every year we purify around 133.000 cubic meters of water which is the equivalent of 1.1 million baths. Liebaert also uses state of the art solar panels able to produce up to 250.000 KWH per year. Enough to provide 80 average-sized households of electricity for an entire year.

Due to the lack of textile schools in Europe we also believe it’s our mission to continue to teach people the art of knitting and weaving to ensure the future of European textiles. For this reason we created the Liebaert training academy which concentrates on not only improving the skills of our talented staff, but teaching students and customers the complexity and beauty of our craft.

We believe ‘premium’ is a title that should be earned over and over again. It follows that our commitment should go beyond the boundaries of our own enterprise. Our ECO fabrics were launched to show this commitment and make sure that the next generations are able to live in the same environment as we did.