Liebaert from now on STeP and DETOX TO ZERO certified

We are happy to announce that we recently got our STeP certification and a perfect DETOX TO ZERO assessment, acknowledging the many sustainability measures we have been implementing all across our production process and supply chain.


STeP stands for Sustainable Textile & Leather Production and is a certification system for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities along the supply chain. The certification enables us to communicate our sustainability commitments in an easy and transparent way to customers and other stakeholders.

STeP enables a holistic consideration of manufacturing conditions from a sustainable point of view and encompasses analysis and assessment in the six core modules of sustainable textile production:

  • ›  Chemical management
  • ›  Environmental performance
  • ›  Environmental management
  • ›  Social responsibility
  • ›  Quality managament
  • ›  Workplace safety

The STeP scoring system has three different levels:

Level 1 = Compliance with the entry level specifications
Level 2 = Good implementation with further optimisation potential
Level 3 = Ideal implementation in the sense of Best Practice examples

With Liebaert scoring an overall LEVEL 3. See the full report here
For more information on STeP please click here


DETOX TO ZERO by OEKO-TEX® is an analysis tool for the optimisation and monitoring of chemicals management and wastewater quality. It is based on the DETOX campaign launched by Greenpeace in 2011 to exclude hazardous chemicals from textile production.

The verification process creates transparency and control in the use of hazardous substances. The focus is on:

  • Wastewater and sludge conformity in accordance with the DETOX TO ZERO Manufacturing Restricted Substance List (MRSL)
  • Conformity of chemicals used in the company as per the DETOX TO ZERO MRSL
  • General management with a focus on chemicals and environmental performance

When using the DETOX TO ZERO analysis and assessment tool, producers cannot “fail” or “pass” as this is not a traditional certification system. Instead, the focus is on a continuous improvement process.

Liebaert’s overall performance was perfect. See the full report here
For more information on DETOX TO ZERO please click here