From fair to fair in May – or why we’ve never been busier

In May, our calendar has us hopping from fair to fair, hosting booths at the world’s most influential gatherings in the textile industry. Our investment in premium-technology fabrics has granted us access to three main events around the globe, where we hope to meet you over coffee and a stack of samples. Let’s talk shop and discuss how our yarns and fabrics can benefit your future plans, shall we?

May 15 – 18

The beauty of innovation lies in providing help where it is needed most. Thanks to a few giant leaps in the development of fabrics on the one hand, and textiles with a very high compression rate on the other, we are now able to present the medical industry with an unprecedented degree of comfort. New options in the choice of yarn and the unique knitting technique we’ve fine-tuned allow for a smooth, silky surface in fabrics with high elasticity. Moreover, you’ll be able to find out first-hand about our latest developments, such as our Mirage Technology, with its ultra-quick drying mechanism and powerful antibacterial properties embedded directly in the yarn, and Crystal, a special cooling-yarn designed to keep one cool even under the most difficult of circumstances.

May 16 – 17

Time to let our technical textiles shine at France’s yearly industry get-together. Come by our booth if you’d like to not just see but feel the difference in quality. The past few years, we’ve applied all our knowledge and expertise to the creation of elastic conducive textiles. This has resulted in multi-applicable yarn, used in fabrics and narrows, endowed with the power to connect. The applications are nearly endless, ranging from knitted sensors to fabrics with built-in heating. We’ve even engineered fabric that conducts data as well as electricity.

May 22 – 24

Just like in Troyes, we’ll be focusing on our tech fabrics at this fair across the Atlantic. Watch out for our latest flagship developments. Hydra is a brand-new fabric with unrivalled water-repelling qualities, while our Pyron technology is used throughout the automotive industry because of its flame-retardant nature. Of course, all of our connected textiles will be on display as well, for you to discover.

Curious? Pop over to our booth on any of these fairs, or get in touch to make an appointment to go in-depth.