Summer Collection 23: Wispy Thoughts

Our new collection for summer 23 is out. Combining a wispy and romantic theme with sugary plum colours, topped off with an explosion of powdery flower prints, jacquards and piqué structures.

After our last post we would have wanted to start on a more positive note, but it looks like it will remain a bit more challenging for all of us just a little longer. However, we’re almost there! So let’s not give up and continue together. Our new collection for summer 23 is a collection full of light – and positive energy ;-).

Sugary plum colors

Our color palette remains the common thread between our different types of fabrics. Inspired by a wispy and romantic theme they range from blue to orange, even adding a touch of more pastel like influences.

Jacquards & Prints 

As with our winter collection our jacquards are primarily focused on floral and mesh patterns with multicolour designs and piqué structures.  They can be found in both our powernets and circular knits. The patterns are also represented in our new digital and traditional prints which were upgraded with some new powdery floral prints.

ECO Fabric range

COVID hasn’t impacted our sustainability approach as we continue to develop our ECO product range. Introducing a new fabric containing Fulgar’s Q-Nova yarn, an environmentally-sustainable nylon 6.6 fibre obtained from regenerated raw materials and which meets given traceability requirements.

Nanostitch® Fabrics

A Liebaert collection wouldn’t be the same without our classics and our unique Nanostitch® fabrics, which you will find in new colors and with new prints.


New developments in the area of tapes as well of course with variations primarily concentrating on bayadere line ribbons, sprinkled with a touch of metallic glitter.

Due to current travel restrictions and fairs being cancelled we decided to give our customers the opportunity to view our new collection online. If you would like a preview of our collection, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.