Lingerie Winter 22-23 Hétéroclite chic

The new Lingerie collection for winter 22-23 is out. Combining different genres, generously mixing the “Shabby-Chic” style with the more bohemian and elegant look of printed floral and mineral fabrics interacting with colors influenced by different eras.

2020.. What a year has it been. Probably the most “memorable” one of the new millennium in the broadest meaning of the word. One thing is for sure the economic landscape has changed drastically and will continue to do so in the months to come. But with threats come opportunities and it’s our duty as an industry to continue to create and innovate in order to forget the bad times, have people dream, fantasize and shape the world of tomorrow. Our new Lingerie collection for winter 22-23 was developed with just that in mind.

Vibrant colors

Our color palette remains the common thread between our different types of fabrics. Inspired by a taste of eclecticism and the blending of genres they range from blue to pink blossom, even adding a touch of red fruits like raspberry and cherry.

Jacquards & Prints 

The collection’s jacquard designs are primarily focused on floral and geometric patterns and can be found in both our powernets and circular knits. The patterns are also represented in our new digital and traditional prints which were upgraded with some new animal patterns in order to fulfil this upcoming need.

ECO Fabric range

COVID hasn’t impacted our sustainability approach as we continue to develop our ECO product range. These fabrics contain Reconylon®, a GRS certified Nylon yarn made out of 100% pre-consumer waste and generating only 53% of the CO2 emissions of a standard nylon 6 production.

Nanostitch® Fabrics

A Liebaert collection wouldn’t be the same without our classics and our unique Nanostitch® fabrics, which you will find in new colors and with new prints.


Besides our fabrics we decided to develop new tapes in order to give our customers a total solution. New colors, geometric designs, ranging from narrow to wide elastics, … We got you covered!

Due to current travel restrictions and fairs being cancelled we decided to give our customers the opportunity to view our new collection online. If you would like a preview of our 22-23 winter lingerie collection, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.