Liebaert Fabrics at the Paris Fashion Week

A unique story unfolded last month on the catwalk of the Paris Fashion Week, and our fabrics were part of it.

French upcoming designer Marine Serre ignited a sense of excitement in Paris when she announced she would hold her brand’s very first collection during the city’s fashion week. The reason for the enthusiasm is due to the fact that she is the first ever designer to win the prestigious LVMH-Prize without having an established brand. She won the award with only her graduate collection from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre in Belgium.

Her first collection under her own brand was called Manic Soul Machine, and according to her a representation of the roller coaster ride of the first six months of leading her own label. Her collection was characterized by hybridity, functionality and a utilitarian mood, which was received with loud applause from the many spectators.

The amazing aspect of it all is that Marine decided to use Liebaert fabrics to create multiple elements of her début collection. One of which was printed with her signature crescent moon symbol visible throughout her entire show. Our paths crossed when she was still studying in Brussels and look forward to providing her with world-class fabrics so she can continue in her wonderful endeavors.