Nanostitch fabrics at ISPO Munich: A successful launch

The last week of January has proven to be a memorable one for Liebaert and our Nanostitch team. The ISPO fair in Munich was used as the very first public display of our NanoStitch fabrics into the world of sports. These premium performance fabrics are a signature Liebaert product and were specifically engineered for the sportswear segment. Produced on the finest warp knitting machines in the world they provide premium comfort and an unparalleled sensory touch, along with different fabric specifications. Those include: lightweight and highly breathable fabrics (Nanostitch Air), moisture wicking fabrics (Nanostitch Active), compression fabrics (Nanostitch Extreme) and even cooling (Nanostitch Cooling) and heating fabrics (Nanostitch Heating)

After four lengthy and sometimes seemingly never-ending days we look back on an interesting and valuable experience. The countless positive responses by the numerous visitors turned this fair into a big success. Furthermore, the high popularity of our newly developed fabrics – our special ‘Spacer’ fabrics and our signature high compression fabrics – signifies that we are bringing the right innovation to the world of sports.

The ISPO experience gives us the motivation to push the boundaries of elastic performance fabrics even further and to continue developing unparalleled fabrics in terms of comfort and performance.

We sincerely thank the many visitors who took time to come by our stand and hope to welcome you all at the Performance Days fair in Munich on the 18th and 19th of April.

Stay tuned for more updates and new developments.

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