Technology of the Month: Heating fabrics by Nanostitch

The last few weeks were characterized by freezing temperatures and winter-wonderland landscapes here in Europe. That is why we decided to elect our special heating technology as our technology of the month.

Our heating fabrics provide superior thermal insulation optimal for all winter related clothing. The particular insulation technology comes from the unique polyamide yarn from which our heating fabrics are made. The Heat yarn is drawn from coffee-bean shells, which hold coffee charcoal. This charcoal, along with a small percentage of oxide particles, is embedded in the yarn and absorbs the heat emitted from the body while delaying the transfer of that same heat to the outside. This heat is captured, isolated and then kept in our fabric for an extended amount of time, which gives you the perfect warm sensation in cold conditions.

The benefits of these types of fabrics are much more than simply the warmth they provide. They have both anti-microbial and anti-odor properties as well as excellent moisture control. Furthermore, our fabrics holding this technology are environmentally friendly since the coffee bean shells used to produce the specialized yarn are considered waste in the standard coffee production process.

By combining our heating technology with our signature Nanostitch fabrics we not only provide our customers with a performant and functional fabric, but also one that offers great comfort.

See for yourself what these amazing fabrics can offer by ordering a sample through our website.